Sunday, 25 July 2010

Max Reger - Requiem/Hebbel Requiem - Download lame mp3 320 kbit/sec:

Here you can download the extremely rare music of both Max Reger's Requiems: a) the Hebbel Requiem (op. 144 b) and the Latin Requiem (op. 145 a) with the fragmentary Dies Irae for evaluation purposes only. The best quality however provides the Compact Disc. The mp3 files (Lame 320 kbit/sec) were created from my Cd. For further information read blogpost: Max Reger.

You have to install the tool WINRAR first to extract the files!

The password for the rar file is: gemsofchoralmusic

Download Link: Max Reger - Latin Requiem & Hebbel Requiem (116 mb)