Saturday, 24 January 2009

Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901) - Messa Solenne (World Premiere Recording)

Verdi began and ended his composing career with sacred music.

His Messa Solenne had its first performance on 15. September 1835 in the church of Sant'Anna fuori le mura in Busseto.

The use of a soprano in the Qui tollis is rather surprising - it appears to be the first time a female voice was ever heard in any of the churches in Busseto.

The Mass cannot be considered as a complete work; for example the Qui sedes ad dexteram Patris and Quoniam tu solus Sanctus section are lost.

Verdi definitely composed the mass under the influence of Rossini and Bellini.

The Compact Disc was released by DECCA, 2001, (DDD). DECCA 467280-2 (DH).

The CD contains 5 Premiere Recording. These early works by Verdi were recently discovered by Professor Dino Rizzo, whose critical editions were used for this recording.

Soprano: Elisabetta Scano
Soprano: Cristina Gallardo-Domas
Tenor: Juan Diego Flórez
Tenor: Kenneth Tarver
Bass. Eldar Aliev
Bass: Michele Pertusi

Orchestra Sinfonica e Coro di Milano Giuseppe Verdi, Conductor: Riccardo Chailly

Track List:

  1. Kyrie Eleison (World Premiere Recording) (1)
  2. Christe Eleison
  3. Kyrie Eleison (2)
  4. Gloria in excelsis Deo
  5. Qui tollis peccata mundi
  6. Cum Sancto Spiritu
  7. Qui Tollis (World Premiere Recording) (6'05")
  8. Tantum Ergo in F Major (World Premiere Recording) (5'27")
  9. Laudate Pueri (World Premiere Recording) (6'28")
  10. Tantum Ergo in G Major (World Premiere Recording) (5'32")
  11. Pater Noster (5'49")
  12. Ave Maria (5'36")
  13. Libera Me (Messa Per Rossini) (1869 Version) (12'03")