Saturday, 17 January 2009

Pietro Mascagni (1863 - 1945) - Messa Di Gloria

Pietro Mascagni (December 7, 1863 – August 2, 1945) was an Italian composer, notably known for his operas. He enjoyed immense success during his lifetime, both as a composer and conductor of his own and other people's music.

He also composed a Kyrie for three male voices, an Ave Maria and a Pater Noster for soprano and string quintet. He decided to re-elaborate this material into a Messa di Gloria for soloists, chorus and orchestra.

The first performance was given in April 1888 in the church of Sant'Antonio, being a total and undisputed success.

Feeling, affection, sweetness and at the same time vigour in meldoy: these are the characteristics that are constantly recognised in Mascagni's Mass.

The Compact Disc was released by Nuova Era, 1996, (DDD). Nuova Era 7270.

Tenor: Carlo Allemano
Bariton: Domenico Colaianni

Orchestra Internatzionale d'Italia Opera, Coro da Camera di Bratislava, Conductor: Marko Letonja

Track List:
  1. Kyrie
  2. Gloria
  3. Laudamus
  4. Gratias
  5. Domine Jesu
  6. Qui Tollis
  7. Qui Sedis
  8. Quonaim
  9. Cum Sancto Spiritu
  10. Credo
  11. Et Incarnatus
  12. Et Resurrexit
  13. Sanctus
  14. Elevazione
  15. Benedictus
  16. Hosanna
  17. Agnus Dei